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The ReNova Method

Incomplete healing from alcoholism is the leading cause of relapse. But, ReNova overcomes this by providing you or your loved one with a total healing experience. The ReNova Center specializes in alcoholism (or alcoholism and drug abuse combined) because it is different in many ways from other forms of substance abuse. The ReNova Program was developed over a 3 decade period to specifically to correct this problem.


Unlike a standard alcoholism treatment program, ReNova actually reverses the effects of alcoholism, in every way. ReNova restores a true sense of normalcy, and in many cases, the choice to drink with real control or be entirely sober. The obsession with alcohol, loss of control, and cravings fade away with either choice because the addiction isn't arrested, like in standard alcohol rehab programs. Instead, the ReNova Method eliminates alcoholism to it's very root.



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A Quality of Caring Alcohol Rehab

For an alcoholism treatment program to say they care is common, and most sincerely mean it. But caring should be much more than just an attitude of compassion. It should also be a determination to find and do what really helps. The ReNova Healing Center For Alcoholism uses only the most advanced, research based, peer reviewed approaches to help bring you or your loved  fully back to health and life. ReNova is a proprietary, multi-faceted approach that works to end alcoholism by restoring you to your pre-addicted state. That is caring of the highest quality.

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Executives & Professionals

Ultra discreet care for alcohol problems. Keep your reputation in tact while you get your like back. 

Customized For You

Care that is customized helps ensure your success. That can only be done one on one.

Medically Supported Holistic Care

A multidisciplinary/multifaceted  approach is the secret to ReNova's success in healing alcoholism.

A Promise To You

The ReNova Method is affordable to most, and the ReNova Method is so effective at helping people overcome alcoholism that it comes with a unique commitment. Either ReNova works for you to really overcome the obsession with alcohol and the inability to control it, or your money is returned to you. It is just that simple. Because recovery should be more than just hope, recovery should be real. 

Success Stories

Each Of These Testimonials Are From Or About A Client With One or More Years Of Success With ReNova

(Excerpts From Google Reviews)

Jeff H.
Kim F. (Mother)
Chris S.

(July 2020 update)"It has been 2 years now and I am glad to say things are still going great...I have a brand new life...I highly recommend this program."

"Talking to my son now is like talking to a completely different person. He is happier, more confident and his drinking is greatly reduced."

"It has been a year since I began the ReNova program...I feel I have control over my alcohol use wife and I have since had a wife and I have a much better relationship." 

 Confidential Consultations

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of  complete recovery from alcoholism today. Call now for a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. 

ReNova Alcohol Rehab Office

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Tel: 972-805-3870

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Michael O'Neal, an alcoholism treatment counselor

ReNova Healing Center For Alcoholism is the addiction counseling practice of Michael O'Neal ,Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, a nationally known addictions counselor who has served as director of multiple alcoholism treatment programs/addiction rehab centers, including DayRise Recovery,a Psychology Today Magazine "Best in Treatment" facility. Medical support for the ReNova Method is by referral to Astrid Gutsmann, DO/PH.D. or a physician of your choice.