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Breakthrough Alcohol Rehab 

The ReNova Miracle

The Next Available Opening in my practice will be Oct. 6th, 2022. Interested people may arrange a consultation now by clicking the link below- Michael K. O'Neal M-RAS. LCDC

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Now A Better Option For Alcoholism is Here

The ReNova Miracle

Now there is a new and better way to recover from alcoholism. The ReNova Miracle for Alcohol Control. 


     ReNova Works

ReNova has been clinically shown to produce much higher rates of recovery vs. standard alcoholism treatment. ReNova works to:

  • Stop Alcohol Cravings

  • Dramatically Reduce Drinking 

  • End the Obession for Alcohol

  • Restore a Sense of Well Being

  • Resolve Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia

  • Increase Motivation to Get Back into Life


     ReNova Lasts


Multi-year follow up shows that the ReNova Miracle for Alcohol Control has a lasting effect on reduced drinking.



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A Quality of Caring In Alcohol Rehab

Real compassion and understanding starts with knowledge, and an attitude of genuine hope. The ReNova Miracle for Alcohol Control provides that hope for long-term effective recovery based on research into what really works and decades of experience by dedicated providers. 

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Physician who recommends ReNova Alcohol Rehab

Executives & Professionals

Ultra discreet care for alcohol problems. Keep your reputation in tact while you get your life back. 

Customized For You

Care that is customized helps ensure your success. This can only be done one on one.

Medically Supported Holistic Care

A multidisciplinary/multifaceted  approach is the secret to ReNova's success in healing alcoholism.

A Promise of Peace of Mind

 The ReNova Miracle for Alcohol Control works so well that it comes with a unique promise. Any ReNova graduate can return at anytime at absolutely NO charge should they ever need help again. No standard alcohol rehab can make that promise to you. 

Total Privacy

The ReNova Miracle is an entirely private, one on one, medically supported counseling method that brings an end to the psychological, emotional and biological causes of alcoholism. 

Success Stories

Each of These Testimonials Are From or About A Client With One or More Years Of Success With ReNova

(Excerpts From Google Reviews)

Jeff H.

Kim F. (Mother)

Chris S.

(July 2022 update)"4 years and going strong!...I have a brand new life...I highly recommend this program."

"Talking to my son now is like talking to a completely different person. He is happier, more confident and his drinking is greatly reduced."

"It has been a year since I began the ReNova program...I feel I have control over my alcohol use wife and I have since had a wife and I have a much better relationship." 

 Confidential Consultations

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of  a complete recovery from alcoholism today. Call now or click here  to schedule a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. 

ReNova Alcohol Rehab Office

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Tel: 972-805-3870

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Michael O'Neal, an alcoholism treatment counselor
ReNova Alcoholism Treatment Program Office

ReNova Healing Center for Alcoholism is the addiction counseling practice of Michael O'Neal, a Master Registered Addiction Specialist and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. A nationally known leader in the addiction recovery field, Mike has served as director of multiple alcoholism treatment programs/addiction rehab centers, including DayRise Recovery, a Psychology Today magazine "Best in Treatment" facility. Mike is the author of "I Just Want To Be Normal-The ReNova Miracle for Alcohol Control"-a top 10 best seller in addiction recovery. Medical support for the ReNova Method is by referral to Mary Burgesser MD or a physician of your choice.