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Man Discovering A Better Alcoholism treatment program.
Discover Deep Healing From Alcoholism



What Is ReNova?

A 2nd Chance at an Addiction Free Life

ReNova is a new day in recovery from alcoholism. ReNova combines biological healing and psychological healing into a single method, in a way no other recovery option does. ReNova helps by training you in our special  proprietary method so you have the ability to manage recovery on your own.


You will learn to master your thoughts and feelings about alcohol at a deep level of your mind  while your brain is restored to it's pre addicted state of health. ReNova ends the cycle of addiction & relapse, and gives you back your sense of self belief and self esteem.


5 year outcomes show that ReNova has more than 2.5 x the rate of long term recovery v. standard alcoholism treatment. ReNova is totally private one on one care that is far less time consuming and doesn't require inpatient treatment. 

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ReNova Alcohol Rehab

Regain Peace of Mind

With the ReNova Method, you and your loved ones can rebuild your lives, free of alcoholism

Lasting Results

5 year outcomes show that 2.5 x times as many people remain in recovery using the ReNova Method v. 12 Step AA based forms of care. 

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"Mike goes above and beyond a normal counselor."-Chris Smith

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It's Your Recovery

Sobriety or Moderation?

21st Century Alcohol Rehab

Choices in Alcohol Recovery Are Now Possible

Thanks to ReNova, today you have options. Complete sobriety or successful alcohol moderation. With either option ReNova can help you feel like yourself again. And ReNova gives you powerful tools to help you stay on track with:

  • No Long Term Medication Dependence

  • No Repetitive Support Group Meetings

  • No Time Consuming Treatments

  • No Aversion Therapy

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Satisfying Sobriety

Stop Craving Alcohol & Start Craving Life

With the ReNova sobriety option you will quickly lose all desire for alcohol and begin to find pleasure in life itself. 

As your peace of mind returns and the healing sets in, your perspective on what is really important comes into clear focus, and you will feel free.  

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Lasting Alcohol Moderation

Be Back In Charge Again

When Sobriety Doesn't Fit

There are times when sobriety isn't the best option due to age, work/social obligations or just a desire to feel normal. But finding a safe middle ground hasn't been possible... until now. 

ReNova reduces drinking from an average of 9-25 drinks per episode down to 2-3 drinks per episode, while still providing true psychological healing along with lasting control.

And unlike the Sinclair Method (the worlds first successful moderation approach) ReNova doesn't cause debilitating side effects like extreme nausea, migraine headaches and loss of male sex drive.

Discover for yourself the freedom to be you again with the ReNova Method for Alcohol Moderation. 

 More Convenient
Totally Private

With just twice weekly private sessions for 12 weeks, ReNova helps you recover and still have time for you & your obligations.


ReNova is ideal for business executives, professionals and others who cant take 28 days off for rehab. And/or those who worry about 'rehab' hurting their reputation. 

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Caring First...Caring Always

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Most Major PPO plans accept ReNova

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ReNova cost no more than most Intensive outpatient substance abuse programs with less time commitment & better results.

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Begin Healing Today

Give your and your loved ones the gift of recovery from alcoholism. Call now for a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. Or, book online with ReNova's 'double secure' booking calendar. 

Is ReNova Right for You?

ReNova is for persons 21 years of age or older who have moderate to severe Alcohol Use Disorder and:

  • Do not have a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or Schizo-affective Disorder.

  • Do not have severe Liver, Kidney, or Heart Disease.

  • Have not had Gastrointestinal By-pass Surgery.

  • Are not pregnant and not planning to become pregnant during ReNova Training.

  • Do not have Phenylketonuria. 

  • Do not have Epsilon Type Alcohol Use Disorder (a rare type - commonly called periodic alcoholism).

3401 Custer Rd. STE 169

Plano, Texas, 75023

Tel: 972-805-3870

ReNova Alcohol Rehab Reception Lobby
Michael O'Neal, an alcoholism treatment program counselor
ReNova Alcoholism Treatment Program Office
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ReNova Alcohol Rehab Office

ReNova Healing Center for Alcoholism is the addiction counseling practice of Michael O'Neal a Master Registered Addiction Specialist & Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. A nationally known addictions counselor, Mike has served as director of multiple alcoholism treatment programs/addiction rehab centers, including DayRise Recovery, a Psychology Today magazine "Best in Treatment" facility. Medical support for the ReNova Method is by referral to Mary Burgesser MD. or a physician of your choice. 

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