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5 Types of Alcoholics


Alpha Type

Beta Alcoholic.jpg

Beta Type

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Delta Type

Gamma Type Alcoholic Man

Gamma Type

Epsilon Type Alcoholic Man

Epsilon Type

There Is No "One" Alcoholism.

There are 5 different types of alcohol problems,with different severity and drinking patterns. Knowing which type of alcoholism someone has is important in deciding on how to approach caring for the problem:

Alpha type-commonly referred to as a ‘functional alcoholic’. This variation is physiologically dependent upon alcohol, but generally manages to maintain most basic functioning in all life areas. This can be despite either heavy or continuous drinking (sometimes using alcohol in somewhat smaller amounts spaced throughout the day). Physical health concerns and alcohol-related depression are common concerns over time. This type of alcohol problems responds well to the ReNova Method either for sobriety or moderation. Depression caused by alcohol overuse usually resolves quickly, sometimes with the aid of anti-depressant medication upon a doctors' advice. 


Beta type- commonly referred to as a ‘binge drinker’. This variation consumes alcohol in a highly excessive manner, but not on a daily basis, sometimes (but not always) drinking happens only on days off from work. Physical dependence is not common with this type. Black-out drinking is common, but not universal. Remorse for actions under the influence of alcohol is commonly a concern. This type of alcohol problem often responds best to ReNova as a moderation approach. The psychological 'lift' from learning effective control appears to quickly resolve any damage to self-belief and motivation. 


Delta type- commonly referred to as a ‘real boozer’. This type can usually, but not always, abstain through necessity for some normal functioning, like work. But then consumes alcohol in an excessive manner once they begin drinking. Generally, alcohol is consumed on a daily basis. Physiological dependence occurs. Anxiety, often expressed as irritability or anger, is very common with this type and drinking is mostly done as a means to 'feel normal' e.g. get relief.  This type of alcohol problem responds well to the ReNova Method either for sobriety or moderation. A special emphasis on ReNova's approach to solve alcohol related anxiety appears helpful. 


Gamma type- commonly referred as the ‘drunk or sometimes the wino’. This type is unable to abstain sufficiently for normal functioning and unable to moderate their consumption despite the most adverse consequences. Physiological dependence occurs. This type of alcohol problem responds best to ReNova as a sobriety option under most circumstances. Upon a doctor's advice, this type should consider stronger medical intervention, such as Vivitrol ((TM) an injectable once monthly medical option to control cravings. 


Epsilon type-Commonly is referred to as a ‘periodic alcoholic’. A rare alcoholism subtype. This subtype can abstain for long periods with no desire for alcohol, or conversely, can drink well within normal social limits for long periods of time. This type will then experience strong cravings and will drink in extreme excess for very brief periods, before reverting to either abstinence with no desire for alcohol, or normal limited drinking. It is believed to be caused by a sudden catastrophic reaction in the brain’s neurotransmitter chemical cascade. This type of alcohol problem is generally not a good candidate for the ReNova Method for either sobriety or moderation. Nor are they usually good candidates for standard alcoholism treatment programs or support groups. Instead, upon a doctor's advice, they should consider a combination of two medications: Naltrexone and Acamprosate. These two medications work differently to reduce the desire for alcohol and can be used in combination for greater safety. Individual standard alcoholism counseling is recommended on an ongoing basis.

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