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Developed from research with a multi-disciplinary team, ReNova is a major breakthrough. ReNova teaches how to control your response to alcohol use, while drinking within safer normal limits. ReNova reduces alcohol use to an average of 2-3 drinks per episode in persons with moderately severe to severe Alcohol Use Disorder.

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Imagine feeling truly in charge of your choices. Less desire for alcohol, more desire for what life has to offer.

No more cravings or compulsive use . Be free to take alcohol or leave it alone, just like every one else.

Private and safe . Plus full support without support groups, or dependence on others to help you 'get through'

"one- day-at-a-time."

ReNova Treats Why You Overdrink

Alcoholism treatment program reduces stress

 Reduces Stress

No more 'drinking at your day'. 


Making Self Control 'Stick'


This time will different, because ReNova is different. No matter what you tried before, ReNova provides a far better method for permanent self -control of alcohol, even in most advanced cases of Alcohol Use Disorder. The secret is a combination of 3 different psychological techniques in combination  that you are taught to use for yourself. 


Unlike a standard alcoholism treatment program, ReNova will show you how to be independent in the management of your situation. ReNova helps you live a balanced life, where drinking isn't the point, what is important to you is the point... and alcohol, when consumed, doesn't take over.  

Alcohol Rehab Should Free You

After ReNova

Live Life Limitless

With ReNova you're not limited by circumstances. No more fear of relapses, no uncomfortable or awkward social or business setting 'explanations', no fear of 'morning after' apologies and repercussions.


With ReNova you're free to get back in the game, rediscover love, conquer new challenges, and live as you were intended.  

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What People Are Saying About ReNova Alcohol Rehab 

"It's been 2 years now, and I am happy to say things are still going great."

"My son is happier, more confident and his drinking is greatly reduced."

"I feel in control of alcohol, my wife and I have a much better relationship."


Traditional Alcoholism Treatment Programs

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Most alcohol rehab programs are staffed with highly dedicated and sincerely caring people who try hard to help. Yet, most people who attend these standard alcoholism treatment programs will relapse. The majority of them will do so within 3 months of leaving the program. In fact, research conducted by a prominent Harvard Medical School psychiatrist shows 14/15 people trying this method eventually relapse. Why? It is easy to blame the clients, for not being motivated enough, but is that the right answer? 

Alcoholism treatment is a physically and psychologically wrenching experience. From physical detox, to the sharing of painful and shaming memories of your own and others, to family confrontations in therapy  after isolation from loved ones. All while feeling physically weak and worrying about adjustments and potential problems with work after being gone 28 days.

Yet, most stay. Why? The answer is because they really do want help, and are willing to endure it, hoping it will.

So why doesn't it work for so many? Well, the vast majority of alcoholism treatment centers in America still use the so called "Medical Model" of alcoholism treatment, developed in 1949. 

No other field of healthcare, physical or mental, still uses techniques that are more than 70 years old as a primary modality of care. And in those other fields, more modern techniques have lead to better health outcomes. 

It is not for a lack of progress in the understanding of how addiction develops or interventions to treat it that have prevented advances in alcoholism treatment programs. Billions have been spent from our government on such research. And other countries around the world have taken advantage of what has been learned here, to improve their own treatment outcomes. 

So why not in America? Well, there are many reasons, but this is perhaps the biggest one:


 Most people who staff these various alcohol rehab programs, be they doctors, nurses, or counselors, are among the fairly small minority of people who succeeded in recovery, using these very same methods. With sincere and strong belief in their approach based on personal experience, they continue to believe it should work as well for others. Even when the evidence from many studies and surveys tell a different story. And even as many of these same dedicated care givers themselves will relapse over time , often with tragic outcomes. 

But your story can have a different ending, a better ending, because ReNova is a better way. 


Mission Statement

The Shore Recovery Counseling is dedicated to providing top quality, medically informed, holistic care for alcoholism that is totally private to reduce alcohol consumption to normal social drinking levels using the proprietary ReNova Method. The Shore serves a wide variety of persons and also specializes in executive alcohol rehab for business people, professionals, and professional athletes and others who require additional precautions to ensure discretion. 

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Discreetly located inside the Custer Office Park among several health practices and small businesses, the signage gives no indication of being

an addiction practice. The Shore's location gives easy access to provide alcohol rehab counseling to Plano TX., Allen TX., McKinney 

TX., Frisco TX., Addison TX., Richardson TX., And Dallas TX. 

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