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Admission Criteria

In order to ensure success with ReNova Alcohol Moderation training all clients must meet certain criteria. Please review the list below to find out if you are a good candidate for this training. 

Good Candidates for ReNova Alcohol Moderation

Clients admitted to ReNova Alcohol Moderation training need to meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • Report alcohol problems as the primary concern

  • Be between 21-66 years of age

  • Free of severe liver, heart, kidney or gastric illnesses

  • Not have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, or bi-polar disease

  • Be free of a history of seizure disorder

  • Not be under court mandate to seek treatment for an alcohol use disorder

  • Not be using an opioid based medication or current illicit opiate use.

  • Have one of the following alcoholism 'subtypes' Alpha-Beta-Delta (see the 5 types of alcoholism here)

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