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Picture of an Alcohol Rehab Process

About Mind Over Alcohol

Setting You & Your Loved Ones Free From Alcoholism 

About The Developer

Hello I'm Michael O'Neal, Master Registered Addiction Specialist & Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. In my career I have directed addiction treatment programs, taught addiction counseling, served on college curriculum advisory boards, guest lectured at colleges, conducted addiction research for Texas Christian University, helped develop successful DWI diversion programs, provided expert testimony for those seeking recovery, and more.  




The Biggest Lesson I Learned

Standard alcoholism treatment programs just don't work for most people. Walking out of a treatment center and straight into a bar doesn't just happen to those celebrities featured in gossip magazines, it happens to every day people too. And by three months, most people who have gone through treatment relapse. After years of seeing this, I became determined to find a better way, and I did. 


What Is Mind Over Alcohol? 

Mind Over Alcohol is a comprehensive method, based on university research that heals all of the effects of alcoholism at the same time. It works better because that's what regular alcoholism treatment programs don't do, complete healing. Mind Over Alcohol is quick and easy to practice and takes just minutes a day. It leaves you feeling stress free, motivated and not wanting alcohol at all, or not wanting excess alcohol depending on your goal.

How It Starts

It begins by giving you a powerful combination of supports designed to heal your brain, your emotional state, and strengthen your mental skills. Through the use of newer anti-craving medication your desire for alcohol is gone or greatly diminished. Super concentrated nutritional supplements are used to rebuild your supply of neuro-transmitters depleted through alcohol use. Gentle neuro-stimulation leaves you relaxed and stress free.


Relaxation Response Training teaches you how to create that stress free feeling on your own. Gestalt Therapy trains you in how to overcome the emotional damage created by over drinking. And Pavlovian Conditioning Psychology shows you how to deactivate addiction triggers that have become ingrained in your subconscious mind. 

How It Ends

Your brain, emotional state, and mind become fully healed from the effects of alcoholism. And your newly gained mental skills are fully developed so they will be all you will need to keep your self well, thanks to the Pavlovian Conditioning Training. The sense of independent control restores your self-belief, reenergizes your self-esteem and gives a sense of normalcy again.  

Before and After

The image you are looking at is the before and after SPECT scan of a typical Mind Over Alcohol client. SPECT scan measures the level of intensity of brain activity, not the organ tissue.


As you can see on the left chronic alcohol use actually lowers the level of brain activity making it hard for an alcoholic to cope with stress and anxiety. This causes alcohol to feel as if it is needed, when in fact it causing the problem to get worse. This happens slowly over time. So slowly that it can't be perceived until it is too late and you realize you have become dependent on alcohol.


Until SPECT scan technology was developed, this was not fully understood. But now, through SPECT scans we can not only see the damage but also the effect of interventions. We now know what works to really heal the brain and get it fully functioning again. The Mind Over Alcohol Recovery System uses those interventions of super nutrients to help you feel and function better as you heal psychologically from the long term effects of alcohol abuse. 

After healing through the use of the special super nutrient blend used in Mind Over Alcohol along with the gentle neuro-stimulation CES device, the image on the right is fully healed. This leads to much higher mental abilities giving someone previously addicted to alcohol a true second chance at a normal life. 

Lasting Results

Unlike alcoholism treatment programs of the past, Mind Over Alcohol produces lasting results you can rely on. Year after year, graduates of this process have gone back to update their Google reviews to affirm they are healthy, thriving and glad they found a way out that works. What would your life be like if you had a second chance to get it right?  

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