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Caring and Expertise

Working independently: Michael O'Neal, M-RAS LCDC, and Mary Burgesser, MD provide knowledge, compassion and dedication to helping you heal from alcoholism and recover your life. 

Michael O'Neal, M-RAS LCDC

Michael O'Neal is An alcohol rehab expert

Born addicted, Michael O'Neal is living free using the ReNova Method he pioneered. The director of multiple treatment centers before founding the ReNova Healing Center for Alcoholism, Mike has helped thousands of people live better lives through advanced addiction recovery techniques. A Master Registered Addiction Specilaist, Mike has been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor since 1994 and earned Board Certification as a Diplomate Level Alcohol and Drug Counselor in 2005. 

Medical component support for The ReNova Method can be obtained by referral to:

Mary Burgesser MD.jpg

Mary Burgesser MD&RN

Mary Burgesser is a Doctor of Rehabilitative Medicine and a Registered Nurse, providing her with a unique medical perspective on patient care. 

Dr. Burgesser has been supporting ReNova clients for many years and is available via telemedicine for prescription consultatations related to ReNova.

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