Alcohol Rehab For Executives & Professionals

 Privacy When It Matters Most

With ReNova you're getting more than just a better way to recover, you're getting the ability to safeguard your reputation as well. No one need ever know you sought help for an alcohol problem because:

  • You can be at any social or business gathering and enjoy a drink while never going too far again. 

  • Your alcohol rehab experience is totally private one on one care.

  • There are no support groups to attend where you risk being seen by colleagues or employees.

  • There is no 28 day absence while you're in an alcoholism treatment program to be 'explained away'. 

And because your undergoing completely one on one care with a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor your privacy is truly protected from prying eyes. In fact, it requires a Federal court order to release substance abuse treatment information without your specific written consent. 

Mission Statement

The Shore Recovery Counseling is dedicated to providing top quality, medically informed, holistic care for alcoholism that is totally private to reduce alcohol consumption to normal social drinking levels using the proprietary ReNova Method. The Shore serves a wide variety of persons and also specializes in executive alcohol rehab for business people, professionals, and professional athletes and others who require additional precautions to ensure discretion. 

Our Location

Discreetly located inside the Custer Office Park among several health practices and small businesses, the signage gives no indication of being

an addiction practice. The Shore's location gives easy access to provide alcohol rehab counseling to Plano TX., Allen TX., McKinney 

TX., Frisco TX., Addison TX., Richardson TX., And Dallas TX. 

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