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Good Moderation Candidate?

Middle aged man who is a good candidate for alcohol rehab using moderation therapy
Woman who is good candidate for alcohol rehab using moderation therapy
Young man who is a good candidate for alcohol rehab using moderation therapy

The Best Moderation Candidates

The best candidates for alcohol moderation using the ReNova TRIAD method of recovery have one or more certain factors:


Almost everyone under the age of 35 is a good candidate for moderation and this option is often more practical for them to reduce the chance of relapse over time v. a sobriety approach to recovery. 


The more successes an individual has experienced, the more likely they are to succeed at moderation. This has less to do with self confidence than it does with self discipline in achieving goals.


General good health is an important consideration. Any health concern needs to be considered carefully. Usually if these concerns are already well managed and stable moderation can be an option. 


For those whose social or business requirements demand a lot of entertaining and/or travel moderation could be an important factor. 

Relapse After Treatment

People who have been through a previous alcoholism treatment program and have not succeeded at remaining sober can often succeed better with a moderation approach instead. Because a fresh approach bring more emotional energy and new hope for a better way. 

Type of Alcoholism

There are five different subtypes of alcoholism. The three most common,  Alpha, Beta, and Delta are often good candidates for moderation. Gamma and Epsilon types are usually better suited for sobriety. To learn more about these subtypes click here

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