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Picture of a man who has healed his brain of alcoholism

Healing The Alcoholic Brain

A Second Chance To Get It Right

If only you could start over. Well now you can. 

The Mind Over Alcohol Recovery System gently, but very effectively, helps you heal completely in every way that counts.

Medical Science Has Made it Possible

Thanks to advances in medical science it is now accepted exactly how alcoholism changes the physical and 'mechanical' workings of the brain.  

Alcoholism 'seizes' the reward center of the brain and creates a false instinct making the brain feel it must have alcohol to work correctly. 

With old fashioned alcoholism treatment programs this process heals slowly and incompletely. That's why so many people relapse in early stage recovery. 

But medical science has also discovered tools that can help. New anti-craving medication that avoids bad side effects, gentle neuro-stimulation devices (similar to TENS units) and high dose nutritional supplements have all been shown in clinical application to help speed healing and make it more complete. 

Temporary Supports

Thanks to the Mind Over Alcohol Recovery System, these helpful tools can be used in combination at the start of your recovery as a 'launching pad' back to full health. Then as your Mind Over Alcohol skills become strong enough your in full control again. 

Effects Of Mind Over Alcohol System

A before recovery and after recovery image of an alcoholic's brain.

The image you are looking at is made by SPECT scan, a special brain imaging technique that measures intensity of brain activity. These are typical before & after SPECT images using Mind Over Alcohol's comprehensive medical & holistic components to actually heal the brain, giving the mind a 'second chance' at effective control. 

Beyond 12-Steps

No matter how well intended or how sincerely tried the 12-step process and 12-step based alcohol rehabs cannot heal damage to the brain. That is why people relapse so often. And why even years into sobriety many AA members react poorly to stress and frustration. The Mind Over Alcohol comprehensive system results in far higher rates of recovery and greater emotional healing.  

Medical & Holistic Supports

 Picture of the medication Naltrexone used in alcoholism recovery

Low Dose Naltrexone

Low dose Naltrexone is now being used in a variety of ways from weight loss to pain control and alcohol recovery. With virtually no potential for side effects at this strength, the medication is used at the start of your recovery to ease desire for alcohol.*

Picture of Compunded Amino Acids

Compounded Amino Acid Blend

Specially formulated for the Mind Over Alcohol Recovery System, these superfoods help the brain heal from the long-term damage caused by alcohol abuse and provide support for the other components of your recovery.

Picture of CES Device

CES Devices

CES is a gentle stimulation that helps the brain relax and feel stress free, bolstering the power of your Mind Over Alcohol Training.* 

* Must Be Prescribed by an Authorized Healthcare Professional. Medical support independently provided by Mary Burgesser MD or a professional of your choice.

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