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Mind Over Alcohol-What to Expect

A man learning what to expect from ReNova alcoholism treatment program

Alcohol Rehab Progress

The Mind Over Alcohol Holistic system starts working quickly and becomes more and more effective, until drinking is entirely within a normal and safe limit, or all desire is gone, depending on your goal.


You wont need a regular alcoholism treatment program to manage dangerous withdrawal symptoms, because your alcohol use will go down gradually as your desire to drink gets less and less everyday.


Anxiety, depression, restlessness and sleep problems will constantly improve as you heal. Your self-anger, guilt, fear (and fascination) with alcohol will disappear and feelings of embarrassment will too. You will begin to feel 'normal'. And most of all, you and your loved ones will begin to feel safe at last.

What People Say



"I never understood how normal drinkers could have 2 and stop, and now I do"- Jeff H.

"Works as advertised!"- Fred T. 

"I'm very impressed with my results."- David M.

"I wish I could be a an investor in this!"- Phillip M.

"I've tried it all, AA, alcohol rehab centers, the Sinclair Method, and this is the 1st thing that has actually helped."- David W. 

"Would I refer someone here? I already have"- Brent H.

Quotes from Exit Surveys

Mind Over Alcohol Beyond the 12 Weeks

After ReNova Alcohol Rehab
It Just Gets Better

Our unique approach to alcoholism rehab keeps improving as you go along. Because once the obsession with alcohol is gone, it becomes just a 'thing', occasionally to be enjoyed in moderation or forgotten all together. If moderating, frequency of drinking becomes less and less. And enjoyment of small amounts now becomes your new normal. You aren't forcing yourself to stop, you stop after a few... because a few is all you want! 

You aren't forcing yourself to 'skip days' you no longer feel the desire to drink frequently. 

You have become just like other non-alcoholic drinkers. Alcohol no longer rules your thinking, and therefore no longer rules you.

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