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ReNova-What to Expect

A man learning what to expect from ReNova alcoholism treatment program

Alcohol Rehab Progress

ReNova becomes more and more effective over a 12 week period of time, until drinking is entirely within a normal and safe limit. Annual follow-ups years 1-5 show that ReNova's effect is lasting. Over 90% of ReNova Alcohol Moderation clients progress in approximately the same way as described below. Your results may vary. 

Week One

From the very 1st day you may feel an 'urge' to drink less, while drinking. This is just the start. The 'urge' to drink less will get stronger & stronger until you feel full, real control.

Week Two

The urge to drink less will keep growing while drinking. Most clients drink less about half the time, and their usual amount the other half of the time. 

Week Three

Now the momentum really begins to grow. Many clients drink a lot less about half the time, and slightly less than typical the other half of the time. Sleep usually starts to improve during this week if insomnia has been an issue. 

Week Four

The change in drinking is now very obvious. Almost all clients drink less all of the time during this week. Improvements in mood start to happen, anxiety and restless feelings start to become less noticeable and sleep continues to improve. 

Week Five

For most clients week five is a repeat of week three. This is temporary-not a regression. Neurologists (doctors who specialize in the brain) speculate that the most likely cause is a actually good thing- increased neural activity in the brain which will lead to greater mental control as you progress. 

Week Six

Now the urge to drink less while drinking comes back even stronger than before. Mood improvement returns too and most people notice that they feel a lot less stressed. 

Week Seven

Drinking continues to go down in week seven, as the momentum towards healing and normalcy picks up speed. Mood is now noticeably improved. 

Week Eight

It is in week eight that most clients report that their loved ones and friends start to comment about the "obvious" change they are seeing even if they don't know about your ReNova training. Client also begin to notice improvement, not just in mood, but in reaction to events as well. Drinking is often greatly reduced in this week. A sense of 'normalcy' or healing starts to feel apparent. 

Week Nine

In week nine the sense of 'normalcy' or healing continues to build, but drinking sometimes goes back up slightly ,to week six levels. This changes radically for the better in the very next week. 

Week Ten

In week ten almost all client experience a total loss of interest in alcohol, even if they were daily drinkers for many years! People commonly report thoughts like "I have better things to do" "I don't want that! What's so great about alcohol?" etc. Now, motivation to do other things comes on strongly and old interests and new hobbies start to seem appealing. 

Week Eleven

In week eleven many clients report a sense of the beginning of self forgiveness and a sense that the worst is now over. Having proven to themselves that ReNova is really working they start to lose the fear they will go backwards. Because as so many of them have said (in various words) "I like this new me, the old one can just stay gone...for good!" Now the sense of obsession/ fascination with alcohol is entirely gone. In it's place is a sense that non-alcoholics who drink feel; "alcohol can be fun, enou is enough" Tolerance for alcohol goes down noticeably while a sense of pleasure from small amounts goes up. 

Week Twelve

In week twelve most clients report that the sense of deep mental and emotional healing becomes noticeably stronger. Clients often use words like "I feel present again" or "I feel like I have just come out of a dark forest, and now I can see again." The desire for drinking (except for an occasional drink or two) is gone. The urge now is to make up for lost time in various ways. 

ReNova Alcoholism Healing Beyond the 12 Weeks

After ReNova Alcohol Rehab
It Just Gets Better

Once the obsession with alcohol is gone, it becomes just a 'thing', occasionally to be enjoyed in moderation. Frequency of drinking becomes less and less. And enjoyment of small amounts now becomes your new normal. You aren't forcing yourself to stop, you stop after a few... because a few is all you want! 

You aren't forcing yourself to 'skip days' you no longer feel the desire to drink frequently. 

You have become just like other non-alcoholic drinkers. Alcohol no longer rules your thinking, and therefore no longer rules you.

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