A New Era For Alcoholism Recovery

Many things have changed in our world. From Edison and the light bulb replacing candles and gas lamps, to the Wright Bros. and airplanes replacing trains, to computers replacing punch cards, telephone directories and even the need to travel to 'see' someone.

Will ReNova one day replace 28 day alcoholism treatment programs and AA? Who knows? But this much is certain; those who have been trained in ReNova feel no need to spend hours away from their business and loved ones sitting and sharing with others who are trying to make sobriety work "One day at a time."

Instead, they are living what they tell me over and over again are lives that feel 'normal'. They can go anywhere, see anyone, drink when they choose with complete faith in their ability to control and stop alcohol use, and simply enjoy the moment, the event, the intimacy of family gatherings and the lives they were meant to live.

Truly for them a new era of alcoholism recovery has dawned.

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