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Advances In Alcoholism-Is Moderation The New Sobriety?

Can an alcoholic really learn to control their drinking and keep it that way? For a growing number of people in your area, the answer is an absolute yes.

These people are architects, bankers, attorneys, doctors, engineers, college students, entrepreneurs, and people from many other walks of life. What they all had in common was a sense that more and more, they were losing the battle with alcohol. They didn’t want it to win any more.

And they wanted a better solution than AA based treatment. Something that would free them to be normal drinkers. To be people who can take alcohol or leave it alone. No lingering temptation, no strain of willpower to make themselves stop.

And what they found was the secret of the ReNova Healing Experience for Alcoholism. Today these same people, who once were living lives that revolved around alcohol; where to get it, how or where to hide it, when they could drink it, how they could compensate for the time it took out of their lives, are now entirely free. They can enjoy having a drink or two and then feel they have had enough and just…stop. Effortlessly.

This only seems miraculous until you understand why and how it happens. It is the result of using a combination of several well-known, peer reviewed and medically accepted methods all at the same time, but in a way that makes recovery not just better, but easier to time manage as well.

How well does this work? In addition to being the director of many treatment programs over the years, I was a sober member of AA for 32 years. But after seeing client after client use this method so successfully, I converted my own recovery to ReNova 5 years ago. I have never once regretted it.

Despite my success in AA I have known for a long time that most people relapse in AA, often many times. The tragic consequences that can happen are sometimes life changing making recovery even harder.

ReNova is a better way, not just because it works better, but because once people learn to use it, they are highly motivated to keep using it too. And it’s not just because they enjoy the ability to drink if they choose. It is because they like themselves again, having proven they are alcohol’s master, not the other way around.

If you want to be free of alcoholism, then feel free to visit our website to find out more!

Michael O’Neal, M-RAS, LCDC

Master Registered Addiction Specialist

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