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Private Alcohol Rehab

Man seeking private alcohol rehab

Intensive One on One Help

ReNova is a strictly a one on one intensive alcohol rehab process. ReNova does not require group therapy or ongoing outside support groups. ReNova is designed to heal the true underlying causes of your desire to over-drink. Every person is at least somewhat different in their reasons for over drinking.


ReNova targets your unique reasons that keep you trapped in the cycle of alcohol abuse. The result? You are freed of your obsession with alcohol, you many can then drink it with complete safety (for certain candidates only), or leave it alone at your choice.   

The ReNova Process

The ReNova Method of alcohol rehab begins by getting to know you. What your current and past drinking patterns are, what motivates you, what stresses you are under, and whether your goal is alcohol moderation or full sobriety.


All past attempts at recovery, whether in an alcoholism treatment program, a support group, or other means will be discussed. How ReNova works will be carefully and fully explained to make sure you understand not only why it works so well, but how and the important role you will play in your healing. 

From there, a careful evaluation of what is needed to help you fully heal from alcoholism will be done, and a care plan will be drawn up to meet that goal. 

Meeting two to three times per week (depending on need) will then begin. Normally, once the addiction to alcohol (either physical or psychological or both) is fully under control, sessions are gradually reduced. By the time that happens you are fully able to function with confidence in your recovery. 

Aftercare follow-up sessions to reinforce your new skills and keep you solidly on track occur at a gradually reduced frequency as well. When you know your life is really back to stay, most choose to then take it fully on their own, with the option to return at any time for follow up if desired.

 Confidential Consultations

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of  complete healing from alcoholism today. Call now for a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. 

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