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 A One on One  Alcohol Rehab Center

With ReNova you don't have to be concerned about an alcoholism treatment experience that exposes you to loss or damage to your professional reputation.

Because ReNova is a one on one outpatient alcohol rehab process, no one ever has to know. There will be no need to explain away a 28 day 'leave' at an alcoholism treatment program.


And because ReNova leaves you free to choose between truly effective alcohol moderation or sobriety, it doesn't require you to give up social gatherings, business engagements or other events where drinking alcohol is common. 


With ReNova you never have to be 'the odd man out' at gatherings where others are drinking...unless you choose to be. 

Scheduling With You In Mind

Many professionals have hectic and unpredictable schedules. With ReNova's twice weekly one hour meetings you can make your life and your recovery work too. Flexible rescheduling, if needed, is understood here with no financial penalties attached.

Privacy Beyond Care

ReNova doesn't require ongoing outside support groups. So, there is no danger of running into business rivals, colleagues or subordinates at AA or similar groups. Your recovery is yours, to disclose or not disclose, by your own choice. 

 Extra Mile Protection 

The ReNova Healing Center for Alcoholism takes the safety of your privacy seriously. In an increasingly online world, extra care is taken to safeguard your records:

  • Text messages are sent only with your permission.

  • All records of your counseling are prepared and stored 100% off-line. 

  • For your protection, electronic forms of payment are not allowed.

  • The booking calendar is double encrypted for extra safety.

  • Signage to the practice does not indicate it is an addiction practice.

  • Clients are required to arrive no sooner than five minutes before their appointment and to leave 10 minutes before the hour, to prevent any 'crossing' in the reception lobby. 


Together, these measures maximize the privacy and security of your care at ReNova Healing Center for Alcoholism.

 Confidential Consultations

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of  complete healing from alcoholism today. Call now for a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. 

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