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ReNova  FAQs

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Questions About ReNova?

These are among the most frequently asked questions about ReNova. Don't see your question here? Call, text, or e-mail for an answer.

Q. Does ReNova really work to reduce drinking, I have always heard an alcoholic has to stop drinking altogether?

A. Yes, in the right candidates for moderation, ReNova really works to reduce alcohol use dramatically. Drinking goes down to normal social drinking levels, and ReNova improves psychological health at the same time.

Q. Is ReNova the same as the Sinclair Method?

A. Not at all. While the Sinclair Method (importantly) proves people with Alcohol Use Disorder can drink within normal limits, most are forced to stop using it, because they experience side effects they find intolerable (migraine headaches, emotional and sexual dysphoria, severe nausea, insomnia). ReNova doesn't have these side effects.  

Q. I have heard that the Sinclair Method can take months to really work, what about ReNova?

A. ReNova begins to act quickly, and full results are seen in the same time frame that many are just beginning to see early results from the Sinclair Method.

Q. How was ReNova discovered? 

A. ReNova itself is not a discovery, but is instead an evolution, based on many other discoveries combined into a single protocol. The effect of the combination proved to be synergistic. This led to the ability to recover from Alcohol Use Disorder even while still drinking in many cases, but within safe limits. 

Q. I know many people go back to rehab several times before they 'get it'. How often do people go through ReNova?

A. Once. Because when the skills that make ReNova so effective are mastered, they can be independently used for a lifetime. 

Q. Does ReNova work equally well for men and women and people of different ages or drinking patterns? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Does ReNova last?

A. Annual following up with clients (years 1-5) prove that ReNova has an enduring effect and clients are still using the skills they gained to remain in recovery. 

Q. Is anyone a good candidate for ReNova?

A. No. Persons with a diagnosis of Bi-polar Disorder or Schizophrenia should not attempt ReNova. ReNova should not be tried by persons with severe heart, liver or kidney disease. Persons who have undergone Intestinal Bypass surgery and persons over the age of 45 who begin drinking early in the day have shown a lesser effect from ReNova for alcohol moderation. Persons who tend to become physically violent under the influence of alcohol are not good candidates for alcohol moderation. 

Q. Is ReNova an inpatient alcoholism treatment program?

A. No, ReNova is a training program that is done on a strictly private, one on one, outpatient basis. 

Q. I (or my loved one) don't like talking about problems and personal issues, so how could this work?

A. ReNova works to reduce the sense of shame, guilt and emotional isolation 1st, making it much easier to discuss important events and feelings. And because ReNova is a strictly one on one approach with a counseling professional, clients are more comfortable discussing things in confidence.

Q. Do clients experience withdrawal symptoms?

A. No. ReNova reduces alcohol use at a pace that prevents withdrawal syndrome, while still fast enough to encourage continued effort. 

Q. Does ReNova work for drug abuse as well?

A. At this time ReNova is offered only for alcohol abuse and/or alcohol and drug abuse combined.

Q. Is ReNova expensive?

A. No. The ReNova Method price point is directly in line with several standard outpatient alcoholism treatment programs in your area. 

 Confidential Consultations

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of  complete healing from alcoholism today. Call now for a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. 

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