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Jeff H.

2 Year ReNova 


UPDATE July 2020. It has been 2 years and I am happy to say that everything is still great. Even with the added stresses of the last several months, I am able to keep my head together and go back to my training when things get challenging. I am so grateful for having gone through this program and recommend it highly. You won't regret it.

I have a brand new life. That’s the best and easiest way I can say it.


Kim F.

Mother of ReNova Client

I found Shore Recovery and Mike as I was looking for help for my son. I was interested in his program after reading about it on his website and was hoping it would be the help my son needed. We had already tried a couple of other programs, so I was pretty desperate when I called Mike. After talking to Mike on the phone, he met with my son and we decided to give it a try! My son liked Mike right away and said he was the most realistic person he had talked to yet. He has a lot of respect for Mike and the program and has really enjoyed working with him. He just completed the first three months and is doing so much better! He is happy, more confident, positive and his drinking has decreased a great deal. Talking to my son now is like talking to a completely different person. I know Mike really cares about his patients and it really shows. I would highly recommend Mike and Shore Recovery.

Chris Smith

 1 Year ReNova


I was made to feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door! Mike goes above and beyond what one would expect from your average counselor. He is genuinely kind and it shines through everything he does!

Update: It has been a year since I started working the Renova program. When I started I was getting blackout drunk every weekend. I crashed my car and my wife was ready to leave me.

After working the program I feel like I have CONTROL of my drinking! I actually get a buzz from two beers! My wife and I have since had a baby and our relationship is better than it’s ever been!

Ryan Feaster

 1 Year  ReNova Graduate

Before I met Mike I was in rough shape. I was drinking heavily and doing other substances and didn’t know where to even start. The day I decided to begin the program with him was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. Ever since I started seeing him, my whole attitude and aspect has changed for the better. My drinking has sincerely decreased and for once I can say I know what it feels like to be normal when I drink. It just feels so good to finally have a grip on my drinking and to be able to feel “good” on just a couple drinks. I feel good, I feel happier, and I’m just excited to see what the future holds for me. As long as I do what mike said, I know I’ll be in good hands.

If anyone reading this has an issue with alcohol or knows someone that has an issue with alcohol, I highly highly recommend you research the program and meet Mike. He’s an awesome and caring person who has the knowledge to give you a shot at getting better. I truly believe this program works!

Lindsay Penn

1 Year ReNova Graduate

I met Michael in November of 2019, at which point I was incapable of relaxing without downing 5-6 glasses of wine a night. Now in June of 2020, I am so busy living my best life, I don't even think about alcohol anymore - unless I have to for the program. Chances are if you are coming across his work, you are exhausted with your dependence on alcohol - I remember so clearly watching myself pour another glass and thinking, "You don't want this. You're tired. You're not having fun. Why are you doing this?" And after the year I've worked with Michael, I have learned so much about why I drank like that, and how to stop. In short, he helps you target the SHAME, the more psychological components, and most importantly, the biochemical components that could not possibly your fault or some sort of moral failing. Chuck the old narrative about alcoholism and have a chat with Michael with an open mind. You know you have to do something, don't you? This girl says try this.

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The Shore Recovery Counseling is dedicated to providing top quality, medically informed, holistic care for alcoholism that is totally private to reduce alcohol consumption to normal social drinking levels using the proprietary ReNova Method. The Shore serves a wide variety of persons and also specializes in executive alcohol rehab for business people, professionals, and professional athletes and others who require additional precautions to ensure discretion. 

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Discreetly located inside the Custer Office Park among several health practices and small businesses, the signage gives no indication of being

an addiction practice. The Shore's location gives easy access to provide alcohol rehab counseling to Plano TX., Allen TX., McKinney 

TX., Frisco TX., Addison TX., Richardson TX., And Dallas TX. 

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