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ReNova Sobriety

A Solid Path To Freedom

A man who is contented after undergoing ReNova alcohol rehab for sobriety

Ending The Obsession With Alcohol

We now know that alcohol 'rewires' the brain in people who are susceptible to alcohol abuse and addiction. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Addiction (NIAAA) alcohol 'trains the brain' into believing alcohol is needed for the brain to function correctly.  

Why Treatment Fails

Standard Alcoholism Treatment Programs were developed before this knowledge was available. Meaning everything gets addressed in most alcohol rehabs except  this key piece of the puzzle.

The result is a high rate of relapse, because you are fighting a battle with 'one hand tied behind your back.'

Why ReNova Works

ReNova's proprietary TRIAD model of care takes all factors into account, healing you in every way. 


The result is and end to the obsession with alcohol. You will simply stop thinking about it or finding it desirable. It is easy to not do something you have no desire for. And that's what the ReNova TRIAD method achieves, quickly and effectively. 

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