ReNova v. Alcoholism Treatment & Counseling

More recovery with ReNova alcoholism rehab method

ReNova's psychological techniques and 'smart help' tools mean a more complete recovery for you:

  • Recover your focus-ReNova helps you maintain your perspective on what is really important to you in your life. 

  • Recover your ambition-ReNova helps put you back in charge of alcohol consumption, so you can move on to next goal without alcohol causing you to have to 'look back over your shoulder' making sure your safe to try new things.

  • Recover your self-image-ReNova restores your faith in yourself. And it puts an end to the morning after regrets.

  • Recover emotional balance-ReNova helps you put an end to short temperedness, irritability and stress.

  • Recover respect-Family, friends, and colleagues will see the change as clearly as you. 

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment programs, on the other hand, operate on what has been called the 5 'tion's:

  1. Detoxification- A medical procedure that safely removes alcohol from your body while managing the effects of withdrawal. 

  2. Education- In classroom type settings clients are taught the effects of alcohol abuse on personality, and the body organs. 

  3. Ventilation-You, your loved ones, and fellow clients and their loved ones, are encouraged and led to express the feelings that have been caused by over drinking and the consequences that have resulted.

  4. Preparation- For lifetime membership in Alcoholics Anonymous. As a means to keep you from returning to drinking, a change from all old routines and old acquaintances. "90 meetings in 90 days" are encouraged as a start, and then hopefully that becomes a habit. 

  5. Anticipation-That you are likely to need them again. According to The National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, six episodes of treatment is the average number people with an alcohol use disorder experience in a lifetime. 

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Mission Statement

The Shore Recovery Counseling is dedicated to providing top quality, medically informed, holistic care for alcoholism that is totally private to reduce alcohol consumption to normal social drinking levels using the proprietary ReNova Method. The Shore serves a wide variety of persons and also specializes in executive alcohol rehab for business people, professionals, and professional athletes and others who require additional precautions to ensure discretion. 

Our Location

Discreetly located inside the Custer Office Park among several health practices and small businesses, the signage gives no indication of being

an addiction practice. The Shore's location gives easy access to provide alcohol rehab counseling to Plano TX., Allen TX., McKinney 

TX., Frisco TX., Addison TX., Richardson TX., And Dallas TX. 

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