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ReNova Works

A  Complete Alcohol Rehab

A Woman Calling ReNova Alcohol Rehab
A Difference That Matters

The decision that it is time to seek help is one of the most important moments in the life of someone who has been struggling with a drinking problem of their own or a loved one.


At ReNova Healing Center for Alcoholism that decision will be supported by the most advanced method of recovery that is available today. 


The approach used at ReNova Healing is holistic in the truest sense of the word and works to correct the true cause of alcoholism-the mind/brain reaction to alcohol. The reaction to alcohol is different in alcoholics compared to normal drinkers. The differences are both psychological and neurological.


That is why sobriety alone never fixes the problem. If someone relapses, even after years of sobriety, they are soon more addicted than ever. But the ReNova Method heals and corrects these differences, leaving you or your loved one truly free. That is why ReNova is better than regular alcoholism treatment programs.

Man Greeting his alcohol rehab counselor

The ReNova  Method Approach

Customized For You

An intensive one on one approach that meets your needs is at the heart of The ReNova Method, something no group experience can ever provide.


Ongoing customization of your care based on your progress along with the building of vital trust and rapport are made possible by this method. The result is a recovery experience that is deeper and lasting.

Man Happy he has alcoholism treatment options

Freedom Of Choice

Alcohol isn't the cause of alcoholism. And because the ReNova Method truly heals the real causes of alcoholism, many are  free to choose: sobriety or moderate social drinking.


Experience with ReNova has shown that the choice to drink moderately for the right candidates is safe, lasting, and in many cases, more practical for business and social purposes. This is true even in many advanced cases of those previously addicted to alcohol before ReNova. 

Couple happy with ReNova Alcohol rehab moderation

Moderate Drinking With ReNova

In good candidates to use ReNova to drink moderately, ReNova reduces alcohol consumption to an average of 2-3 drinks per episode from a previous average of 9-25 drinks per episode.


ReNova works because it is not dependent on willpower or resolve. Instead, it addresses the underlying desire to over-drink, which is the actual problem.  

 Confidential Consultations

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of  complete healing from alcoholism today. Call now for a consultation and begin having better tomorrows. 

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