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What is ReNova? 

ReNova is a unique blend of 3 different psychological interventions that are approved by the American Psychological Association. 

ReNova isn't  'done' to you, ReNova is taught to you. Once acquired, these skills are yours to use for a lifetime, anytime they are needed. 

This blend of techniques (Gestalt, Relaxation Response, and Operant Conditioning) have proven to be a powerful behavioral tool that can give you self-control over alcohol use long term. ReNova is more effective than regular alcoholism treatment.  


ReNova solves the internal struggle (sometimes referred to as  Jekyll/Hide syndrome), calm the stress response, and gives you the power to set your brain up with an autopilot program, to keep drinking within normal limits.  

It Starts With You

Your determination to overcome problem drinking and live a normal, balanced life. You can do it, because others have. ReNova shows you how.

The Right Support

No one is an island. In order to regain independent self -control over alcohol use, it requires 'smart help'. The kind that lets you know what to do, shows you how, supports and encourages your efforts, but makes it clear... the victory is yours.

Smart Help

While you are learning to master the ReNova Method, you are given 'smart help' tools , to make the start of your journey to a normal life possible. These are: 


  • A special low dose preparation of an FDA approved medication to help lower desire for alcohol. While the normal dose of this medication is known to come with many side effects, the low dose for most, is completely side effect free and only mild and very short term in the remainder. It provides just enough support to help you get through, but not too much to detract from your personal success with the ReNova Method.

  • A high powered nutrient blend to restore health to the mind/brain connection and help ReNova work as it should. 

  • A relaxing prescription neuro-therapy device to help bring calm, as you learn to stop drinking at stress and 'a bad day' or conversely over drink at really good ones.


Together these tools work to quickly reduce your drinking and let you feel control, without you ever feeling controlled by them. They help you set the foundation for your success as you build a new 'mental house' to live in.


Get Back To Winning

Did You Know?

That several studies have found that the large majority of persons with an alcohol use disorder have higher than normal IQs?


That most persons with an alcohol use disorder begin life as ambitious over achievers? And many enjoy highly successful careers, that can be imperiled by alcohol abuse?

The fact is, an alcohol use disorder is more likely to develop among the gifted and talented. Sadly, the experience with alcohol over time robs self perspective and self esteem, it can drain away the drive to achieve that was the hallmark of earlier years.


But ReNova helps restore them all. 1st by helping you to master your self control of alcohol use on an ongoing basis, through self initiated action. And then through a resolution of the psychological after effects of the Jekyll/Hyde syndrome that comes to afflict those with alcohol use disorder. 

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to live up to your true intentions and ReNova shows you how to get back to being the winner you intended to be. 

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Mission Statement

The Shore Recovery Counseling is dedicated to providing top quality, medically informed, holistic care for alcoholism that is totally private to reduce alcohol consumption to normal social drinking levels using the proprietary ReNova Method. The Shore serves a wide variety of persons and also specializes in executive alcohol rehab for business people, professionals, and professional athletes and others who require additional precautions to ensure discretion. 

Our Location

Discreetly located inside the Custer Office Park among several health practices and small businesses, the signage gives no indication of being

an addiction practice. The Shore's location gives easy access to provide alcohol rehab counseling to Plano TX., Allen TX., McKinney 

TX., Frisco TX., Addison TX., Richardson TX., And Dallas TX. 

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