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More Effective Alcoholism Recovery

Why Alcoholism
Treatment Fails

Typical alcoholism treatment programs just don't work well. And people often get caught in a cycle of treatment/relapse/treatment over and over again. Each time hoping that "this will be the one." Sadly, for many, it never is. There is a good reason why. 

Standard programs provide detoxification (if required) followed by disease education, relapse prevention education, group counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, and exposure to 12 step groups to help maintain motivation for recovery. 

And except for medical detoxification, all these components are purely psychological in nature. 

Alcoholism Isn't Just Psychological
Alcoholism Psychological Aspects_edited_
Alcoholism Psychological Aspects_edited_

Alcoholism-The Three Fold Disease

Alcoholism 'rewires' the brain. This causes changes that affect people psychologically, biologically, and even neurologically. That's why people relapse, they have only treated part of the problem.  

The Patent Pending

The TRIADS System heals all three problems at once. This gives you the best chance for long term recovery and even a choice; whether you want alcohol to still be a part of your life (in moderation), or to end it's use altogether. 

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